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About Us

Helm Estate Services Ltd. provides consultancy and property management services specialising in the management of residential blocks of leasehold flats.

We currently manage properties situated in the Worthing, Hove and Brighton areas.

Our modern management service is provided in association with a number of other service providers in order to provide for growth and to adopt and promote a flexible working environment to support the modern needs of today’s property professionals by enabling a distributed but collaborative workforce connected and working together “in the virtual office” utilising secure, hosted, cloud services provided by a number of internet service providers.


Client Services include:-

Subject to the terms of a consultancy or management contract, we can assist with the management of residential blocks of flats in accordance with the Service Charge Residential Management Code with the provision of the following services:-

  • Tenant and other resident register
  • Property/Service Charge budgets
  • Property cash-flow management
  • Collection of Leasehold Charges
  • Production of Service Charge Accounts
  • 'Section 20' consultations with tenants
  • 24/7 Emergency and Reactive Maintenance
  • Arrange, with the assistance where necessary of the respective 'competent person(s)' (i.e. surveyors, risk assessors, accountants, solicitors) :-
    • Long-term 'Reserve Fund' planning
    • Fire Safety compliance
    • H&S compliance
    • Major works
    • Certification of service charge accounts by an accountant
    • Dealing with tenants' claimed rights
    • Enforcement of tenant covenants, including the payment of leasehold charges
  • Additional management regulations:-
    • Keeping of pets subject to undertakings
    • Tenants' structural works, alterations, improvements
    • Tenants' sub-letting of leasehold premises


Tenant Services include:-

Subject to there being no conflict of interest and agreement as to an administration fee payable, we can agree to assist the tenants of our clients with the provision of the following services:-

  • Produce a schedule of replies to pre-contract management enquiries to assist with a proposed lease transfer ("a sale of a flat")
  • Consents for the keeping of pets
  • Consents for tenants' proposed structural works, alterations or improvements
  • Consents to sub-let in accordance with the Private Rented Sector Code
  • Agreeing alternative settlement arrangements of overdue leasehold charges
  • Provision of client's buildings insurance documents and claim forms
  • Explain meaning and intention of leasehold covenants, terms and conditions
  • Accepting instructions from a tenant to invoke their mutual enforceability covenant against another tenant